ICG/CARIBE EWS was formed in response to the tragic tsunami on 26 December 2004, in which over 250,000 lives were lost around the Indian Ocean region.  The UNESCO/IOC Tsunami Unit (TSU) presently coordinates the four tsunami warning and mitigation systems (Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and adjacent regions, Indian Ocean, and the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas) and works to identify the commonalities in terms of specifications, guidelines, standards, procedures and processes including developing synergies with existing technical groups dealing with related matters. The TSU as part of the IOC Secretariat is based in Paris, France, and is composed of the Unit Head, the Secretariats of the ICGs, the ITIC, and technical and professional staff.  The TSU provides guidance for the final integration of ICG’s basin-driven work that occurs at the IOC Governing Bodies level.  The IOC Executive Secretary provides, upon request by the IOC governing bodies, secretarial support for the ICG.

The Secretariat for the ICG/CARIBE EWS is based in Paris, France and is hosted by UNESCO/IOC.  The ICG/CARIBE EWS Technical Secretary (CTS) coordinates and facilitates the activities of the ICG, interacting directly with Member States and regional organizations. The CTS oversees in coordination with the CARIBE EWS Officers the arrangement, conduct, and reporting of the ICG's sessions and other meetings.  The CTS facilitates the ICG's Action Plan working with Member State Tsunami National Contacts for overall international activities, with Tsunami Warning Focal Points for issues directly related to tsunami bulletins, and with the PTWC. The CTS is part of the IOC’s Tsunami Unit and the contact details are as follows:


Mr Bernardo Aliaga
Technical Secretary of the ICG/CARIBE-EWS
7 Place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP,
Tel. +33 1 45 68 39 80
Fax. +33 1 45 68 50 10
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.